Web3 Gaming
In short
Our objective was to develop a new creative direction for the brand, a new visual identity that positions the company in a market that intersects web2 and web3; and that acts as a mediators between game creators and retail investors.
Acxyn is a Malaysian Government-backed web3 company, revolutionising the gaming industry as the world's first IP tokenisation platform.
Visual Identity
Creative Direction
Brand Strategy
Motion Graphics

For Acxyn, we developed a comprehensive brand strategy to lay a strong foundation for their brand. This included creating a branding framework to guide their future marketing efforts. Our team provided art and content direction, ensuring all creative elements resonated with Acxyn's brand vision.

We also designed a cohesive visual identity and documented it in detailed brand guidelines for consistent use. 

To further support Acxyn's brand implementation strategy, we developed various marketing collaterals, including a promotional brand animation.

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Our Scope:

Brand Strategy → Branding Framework

Creative Direction → Art and Content Direction

Visual Identity → Brand Guidelines

Graphic Design → Marketing Collaterals

Animation Development → Promotional Brand Animation

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