In short
Carbo-X sought support in creating a dynamic website within a tight 14-day timeframe, aiming to communicate the concept of tokenizing carbon emissions clearly.
Based in Abu Dhabi and backed by ADGM, Carbo-X is a pioneering firm on a mission to tokenize carbon credits and make the world carbon neutral.
Visual Identity
UI/UX Design
Website Development

Our team successfully designed, developed, and delivered the website, meeting their urgent requirements. We developed the website with a mobile-first approach and with a user-friendly interface that promotes intutive navigation. 

Additionally, we supported the team in developing the website’s copy, aiming to simplify their concept and ensuring visitors understand the benefits this has on our environment.

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Our Scope:

Visual Identity → Graphic Design and Token Illustration

Photography → High-Quality Team Images for Website

Website Development → UI/UX Design & Integration

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