001 Research

Thorough market investigation to discover your brand’s target audience and conducting competitor benchmark analysis. This also encompasses a full description of demographics and psychographics to inform the creative process.

Research includes:

• Competitor Benchmarking
• Audience Research & Profiling
• Data Analysis 
• Reporting
• Product Testing
• Focus Groups

Brand Strategy


002 Brand Strategy

Using the data we collected from our research, we will create a roadmap that ensures your brand stands tall amidst the clutter.

Visual Identity Includes: 

• Branding Workshop 
• Brand Promise & Tagline
• Mission 
• Vision 
• Core Values
• Key Messaging Pillars
• Tone of Voice
• Buyer Persona

Visual Identity

Visual Identity

003 Visual Identity

Our team will use the power of design to articulate your brand's unique personality. We will create and develop a visual language that resonates with your target audience.

Visual Identity includes: 

• Creative Direction
• Logo Development
• Color Palette Definition
• Typography Selection
• Design System (Iconography, Buttons, etc.)
• Imagery & Video Style Guide
• Brand Guidelines

Creative Direction

Creative Direction

004 Brand Implementation

Translating your brand into the real world is a crucial step. Whether online and offline, we will ensure to consistently apply your brand guidelines to your business collaterals, assets and platforms.

Brand Implementation includes:

• UI/UX Design
• Collateral Design (Corporate, Merch, Posters, Ads, Booths, etc.)
• Social Media Content Photo & Video Production
• Animation (Motion Graphics, 3D, Stop Motion, etc.)
• Activations

Design System Solutions

Brand Implementations

005 Website Development

Seamlessly blending design and functionality, we will develop captivating digital realms that impress your website visitors, keeping them engaged and eager to explore.

Website Development includes:

• Integration to Server
• CMS Setup & Integration
• Responsive Design
• Troubleshooting
• Dynamic Elements
• Website Audit
• Web Maintenance

Website Development

Website Development